BNI Utah Networking Groups

BNI (Business Network International) Utah’s Mission is to help members grow their business through a structured, positive & professional referral marketing program which provides them the opportunity to develop long-term meaningful business relationships with quality business professionals.

There are over 60 BNI chapters in Utah. BNI Utah regional websites:
BNI Utah North
BNI Utah South

Other BNI websites:
BNI America
BNI International

The philosophy of BNI is built on the idea of “Givers Gain”.  BNI offers members the opportunity to share contacts, ideas, networks and most importantly business referrals. Being a member of  BNI is like having sales people working for you who market your product or service. If referrals are an important part of your business, then BNI is the organization for you.

And it works! In 2016, the 211,000 members of BNI worldwide passed over 8.8 million referrals which resulted in more than $11.2 billion in business! In Utah, chapter referrals have generated millions of dollars for their members. Since 1985 BNI referrals have generated over $50 billion in business worldwide.


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